Wednesday, September 12, 2012


friend: why didn't I fall for a good man like A? if only i had.

mimi: we have only one heart for one person. if you've given it to someone, you'll have none left for others. think about it from another perspective. you might think you've been cheated but why would he do that? is he so poor that he has to come here for free meals?  why would he want to travel so far? he's a busy man.

friend: he must have his reasons. i'm not sure what his reasons are. maybe he's seeing me because he don't have any other choice. to him money comes first.

mimi: do you really believe that? 

friend: mimi, am i a fool?

mimi: a fool? friend, between the stars in the sky and the rock on the ground, rocks seem like the better one. although the stars are pretty, we can't reach them. the rocks on the ground may seem dirty but we can turn them into precious stones. you're not a fool. you're a gem.

friend: he is like the star. he's upper class. he's elusive and smart.

mimi: but before you knew him, you didn't think he is a star. you said he's hot-tempered and ill-mannered. i bet you'd think he's a rock.

friend: but he is a star. i just mistook him for a rock. he's like a shining star, far away and unattainable. what should i do?

mimi: sometimes, stars fall from the sky. those starry bits will become precious stones. make him your precious stone.

friend: it's too late.

mimi: friend, you can't run away from a relationship. you know, in relationships you need to trust each other. you don't need words. just a smile and he will know how you feel about him. don't think too much about it. okay?

friend: hmm.....

p/s: you know i would always be there for you. so friend, be brave and live your life. i'll always support you from behind. i trust you more than i trust my self.

Monday, September 10, 2012

things we know.

"college is not the real world."
we know. we know that college is a unique, safe, bubble-like environment. we know this is a particularly wonderful chapter of our lives where we around people with similar interests, hopes, and ideas. people who stay up with you chatting about absolute nonsense. we know this is not how it will be after we graduate.

"graduating and finding a job isn't easy, especially in this economy."
we know. we know this probably more than one would expect. we watch the news, we walk past headlines printed across the paper that read: "Unemployment rates soar." we know that if you went into a liberal arts field, you're going to struggle when you graduate. we know we won't immediately land our dream job. we know that you want us to know that. and those few instances when our friends did land their dream jobs, well we know that you mark that up as a mere "fluke." we're aware that times are hard and coming out of college with a degree now deemed "practically useless" is going to be rough. if anyone knows this, believe me, it's us.

"you don't understand what it's like..."
we might not understand, you're right. but at one time or another, you didn't quite know what it was like either. and us, being reminded how much we don't understand, well that doesn't make us suddenly "understand" anymore than before--instead it adds an unbelievable amount of stress. it's as though you're saying: "you don't know, and you never will." because know matter "how much we don't understand," we still have to face it. so please, please, help us know that though we don't understand now, we'll be o.k. because as much as you want to keep us from the possible storms ahead, it's where our boats must venture, no matter how "rough" it's going to be.

things we want you to know:
we know you care and that's why you are telling us these things. we know. but when you constantly tell us these things, it doesn't change anything. instead, it leaves us feeling as though nothing can be done at this point. absolutely nothing. we are doomed.
but really, it's not--we're not. far from it. it's going to be harder than anything we might ever experience. we're going to have a lot of our dreams crushed and have to alter a lot of paths along the way. but we're going to be fine. because we are not the first people in the history of the world to face hardships. we are not the first people to embark on unknown territory while so many scoffed and warned. we are not the first people to open a door to find a giant brick wall.

but we're so blessed to have the proper tools to break down those walls--survive these uncertain times. we have advantages those before us didn't. and you were the ones who placed them in our hands, taught us how to use them. and for that, we are beyond grateful.

but you have to let us know that you trust us, you think we can do it.
that you support our battle.
but most of all, that you're rooting for us because you believe we can.

that's all we want you to know.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"little reminder of love"
dear mister-whoever-you-are-wherever-you-are,
(but someday destined to be by my side.)

I love you.
I do.

I think I'd love you more if you'd travel anywhere around the world with me.
while I love you wholeheartedly
I'm dreaming of a morning with two of us watching as the sun rises over the mountains, the romantic evening looking at the sunsets and a dinner with scrumptious dish underneath the sky full of stars.

love, your girl
who loves travel, but not as much as she loves you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"You are missing from me"

 In French, you don’t really say “I miss you.” You say “tu me manques,” which is closer to “you are missing from me.    

 I love that. “You are missing from me.”